This is an absolutely great video shot using a drone by our wonderful guest Tracey Trumbull in the fall of 2018. It’s really cool. ©2018, 2019 Tracey Trumbull

Our head guide Luca explains to the ladies what they are having for lunch in a tiny restaurant in Rocca Calascio. Wild boar anyone?

At Amazing Abruzzo Tours, there are three chefs who will teach you the secrets of fresh pasta and other Italian dishes. The star of this video is Angela.

About once a week at Villa d'Abruzzo, we get the guitar out and do our best to sing some songs our guest like. Here's my best shot at an old Hank Williams tune. I suck, but these ladies can sing.


Orazio is a multi-talent guy. He can bbq the best arrostocini in Abruzzo, drive 100 miles an hour on the highway, and fake his way through a few songs on the harmonica. His one of a kind.